Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 91 - What a Day

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What a way to start the work day, there I was, sitting happily in my seat on my R5(regional rail) on my way to work.

Next thing the conductor comes up and says, "This train STOPS at Glenside, due to an accident close to Ambler." /wth!!!!!

So I asked her for more details, she told me, " Some dumptruck cut the power wires so the entire line has now power." How nice........ the trains are failing.... and I just checked, Glenside is barely halfway to my workplace!

So I get off at Glenside and asked around for alternative transportation... guess what, there way NONE! They were still activating their emergency shuttle buses. So, I waited for the bus, when the bus arrived they told me they had to wait for the next train to maximise the passengers.... grrrr that literally compounded my waiting time. So I had to call work and inform them of my situation, I was told to take the day off as by the time I got to work, it would probably be just in time to go home. Not to mention the lines could not be repaired that fast so my return trip would be affected.

Not wasting the chance I took some pictures of Glenside:



Chip chip chip chip chip and Dale rescue rangers.....errrm nope just the rescue train from SEPTA

The wires needed to repair the lines that had be destroyed

I had to get back home somehow and the stupid trains are not working... so begins Adrian's Grand adventure, spanning across errrmm... 2 towns and taking 3 different modes of transportation, I had to survive the harsh conditions of waiting 1 hr for transportation and general boredom. Well ok, I was not that bored, I got to see new stuff around me. It was just like the amazing race running and travelling all over for a grand total of 3.5 hrs!

Damn I should have the amazing race music playing in the background, its soooooo apt now

Taking bus 96 (NOT the usual one I take back in NUS)

More of Taking bus 96 (NOT the usual one I take back in NUS)

Something I saw along the way.... for Clement CHIO

Ahhhh Norristown is Pit Stop number 2, you are NOT the last team to arrive

Route 100 light rail

Schuylkill River, one of the 2 main rivers running thru Philly

Well when it was all over I had taken R5--> Bus 96 --> Route 100 --> Market Frankford Line


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