Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day 90 - Thanks everyone again

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Just recieved some pics from Singapore (thanks Shen Zhi!!), turns out that for my Bday gift my Class, CN3B + Henry + Sitong decided to dress up in strip shirts. Yup, strip shirts, which is what I used to wear on a daily basis back in Singapore, become kind of a trademark.

Zhihao, Weecheng, Matthew, Henry, Shenzhi and Phyllissssss

Strips and more strips

Shenzhi, Sitong,Phyllis

So Stripey!!!! Thanks guys/gals for taking the trouble to do this, esp when the exams are around the corner and being Chem Eng we have to be mugging super hard right now. Even though I am away in Philly I can still feel the pain of Chem eng mugging.

Ok so I also decided to...............

Taken just before work... like just now

Yup my regular work shirt, its still stripey!!! And btw according to Old Navy, stripes are the IN thing this spring, so everyone, let's get Stripey!!!


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