Sunday, January 28, 2007

24hrs Upon Return to Singapore....

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Had to go meet the rest of the Chestnutties at Bukit Timah Market:

What? You were expecting me to write more?


Thursday, January 25, 2007

So long, and thanks for all the fish

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Ok, I think its time to get back to active blogging, between settling back into singapore life, getting my school work in order and my business case analysis, its more or less time to start blogging again. I guess the best place to start would be my final days in Philly (or the US in general).

Well although I have already left CCI and Cheryl (you go girl!) has taken over my position as the company slave.. erm intern, I still feel like i am part of the company. Well anyway i shall got get all sappy and what not (really does spoil this tough guy persona I am trying to build... well as tough as someone who bakes nearly every week can get).

Company Photo

I wanna go back to the US!

Ok now on to a more yummy side of my last day in the US. For New Year's eve, me, char and kai an decided to take a trip to New York and dine at this upper class, fancy Japanese Restaurant called Nobu. The famous Iron Chef, Morimoto once worked there as the executive chef before opening his own right here in Philadelphia. I was not too impressed by the cold dishes (ie: shashimi) but the hot dishes were nice.

Ok here are the photo of the food:

King Crab Tempura

Black Cod in Miso

Artic Charr

Finally to round this off.... here is my graduation night photo.

NCBV Batch 7

Yup, the past 525600 minutes were well spent :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Journey to the West - Part VI - Sante Fe and Taos Pueblo

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Alrighty although I am already back in Singapore, but I will just finish up blogging about my West Coast Trip and New Year Day in New York for the sake of completeness.

Sante Fe is a really nice place, what really stuck me is the rather unique architecture of the buildings and the fact most are actually made of adobe which is a combination of mud and hay.

St Francis Church in Sante Fe

The Oldest House in the USA

Route 66!!!

My fortune which i randomly picked at a shop

After exploring Sante Fe, we headed over to Taos Pueblo which is a soverign nation within the United States. It even has its own laws. For example " no wading in the river".

The type of building in Taos

Me and Taos

The River you cannot touch/wade/swim


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