Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here we go Quakers, here we go!!!!

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Tomorrow, Penn takes on Dartmouth in an ivy league match at the franklin field, which reminded me to blog about the last match Penn had against tradition rivals Villanova.

Me, Pacey, Law and deliang headed down to the franklin field to catch the action, after all we wanted to see how a live football match was like, NFL tickets are like $200 +++ so its not feasible, college football is FREE... notice the difference?

At the line of Scrimmage

Attempted Trick Play, 17 has the ball but 33 is acting like he has the ball, typical Running back fake

Penn's Mascot

Mascot Fight

Anyway the match was very exciting, especially in the 4th and final quarter. Villanova was overall the stronger team, their wide recievers were running all over the field and Penn's secondaries could not do a thing about it. In the fourth quarter.... Penn was down 20 - 27, needing a touchdown to tie the game. 56 seconds on the clock, 48 yard line, 4th and 20 due to a penalty.... all hope was lost.... and they pulled off an AMAZING 20+ yard pass, the stadium went WILD!!! After that Penn kept pushing, and pushing. Eventually it was 6 seconds, 10 yards to touchdown, final play...... but Villanova's secondaries were able to block the pass... it ended 20- 27.

Final Score

This match showed a lot of interesting thing about UPenn, in the 4th quarter, the band will play this song "Toast" and the fans will throw BREAD onto the tracks. And everytime Penn scores, the female cheerleaders have to do pushups equal to Penn's score!
The song

The Throwing of the bread

And as all football matchings go, we must see some cheerleaders!


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Gooooood Morning Balitmoreeeeee~~~~

That was the opening song to the Multiple Tony Award winning musical, Hairspray!

Thanks to my roommate pacey who got cheap tickets to Hairspray, me char and him headed down to NY to watch it. At the same time i met up with a friend who works at Times Square, hi Mariko!!!

The day started out badly, with pacey unable to get his Japan Visa.... idiotic rule needed him to have 5k USD in his bank account.....

But hairspray brightened up everyone's day! Upbeat music, energetic dancesteps, Great singing... who cared if the plot was simple! Towards the end the audience were on our feet deancing to the beat! How COOL!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Woodbury Returns

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Went down to woodbury for the second time, was almost 6 months since the first time i went in Feb.

Did not buy as much last time, but got myself a new pair of SHOES! It was about time I bought that, my old shoes were in a terrible state. When the store assistant offered to help me get rid of my old shoes, i showed it to her. Her expression was just PRICELESS... she was probably thinking "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!!!???!?"

Anyway here are the spoils of battle:


Shirts, gotta love the double discount i got on the CK shirt

Saturday, September 16, 2006

OMG cool

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Day 240 - Dogs!

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Went to the dog show, dogs are cute. Nuff said.

Rocky... Rocky... Rocky!!!

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For those who still remember Rocky.. .yes the character from the Movie that Stallone acted in?

Well the first movie was shot in Philadelphia and it was that movie that made the city even more famous. Especially so for the "Rocky Steps", which happen to be the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum which Rocky, in the movie, runs up towards the top as part of his training run. Even though the movie was such a long time ago, people still do run up the rocky steps as part of their jog, I know I do that hehe...

Anyway in the third movie, they had this statue of Rocky placed at the art museum. However in real life some thought that this statue was a mere movie prop, and promptly had it removed. Where the statue went.... I do not know.

However, the statue, the Rocky steps are a integral part of Philadelphia's culture, when people think Philly, they think ROCKY. It was no surprise that there was debate in the last month on bringing back the statue and where to put it. Eventually, it was a 6-2 vote by the art commission and the statue was placed backed where it belonged.

The homecoming of the statue was held at the Philly art museum, where the REAL Rocky, the Itallian Stallion, Stallone himself attended.

After the speeches and stuff, they finally unvield the statue!! WOOT. Law, deliang and char went back home, but I stay back to watch Rocky 1 which was shown outdoors, in front of the museum. Everyone was seated on the Rocky steps to watch Rocky (rhyme!!!). It was a really cool experience, although rowdy, the crowd was entertaining and provided moments of laughter when someone would shout a comment during the movie or when we were cheering during the fight itself, where Rocky fought Apollo Creed. It really felt like I was at the stadium itself.

But what i thought was the best part was when Rocky ran up the steps and turned around to look at the City of Philly. The screen was also facing the same direction as what Rocky saw, so it was really really nice, seeing both the Old Philly and the Current Philly at the same time.

Welcome home champ!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

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5 years ago tragedy stuck when 2 commercial airliners were taken over by hijackers and made to crash into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. The very idea that terrorist could use airplanes as weapons was simply scary.

Ever since that day, the world changed, whether for the worse as we now know of the reach and extent terrorist would go to, or for the better as now countries are taking more security precautions. Whatever the case, we will only tell years down the road, after a generation or 2.

But for now, let us just remember this day and remember the victims and the rescuers who were the true heroes that day.

Tennessee Day 4 - To the Top!!!!

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Last day of our trip.... it was off to Clingmans Dome and Charokee Indian Reservation.

Before that... it was Breakfast at the Famous Pancake Pantry and it did not dissappoint!

Choc Chip Pancakes

Apple Cinammon

Swedish Ligonberries

Clingmans Dome is the highest point of the Smoky Mountains. It was nice and foggy that day, giving the Smoky Mountains its name. The photo and video will hopefully do it justice.

Why it is called Smoky Mountains

Grp Shot

The ascend

So foggy on the way to the observation deck

After that it was a mad rush to Charokee Indian reservation in North Carolina! Yes we got the opportunity step over into North Carolina! We did not spend much time, but we were able to get several nice souvenirs and nice photos!

Chieftian Big Head


Then its back home to reality... haha

Tennessee Day 3 - Hiking.. Hiking... Hiking

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The third day, we got up pretty late cos the drive from Memphis was 8+ hrs (including stopover in Nashville)

Early morning pose

Breakfast was at Flapjacks( was recommanded by the visitor center), but they had a manpower shortage, so service was slow, food was cold...blah..blah..blah, why do I even bother to tip.

That aside, today we went to explored the Great Smoky Mountains!

First stop was Laura Falls, it was the nearest waterfall, and also the most visited one (probably cos the hike was easy and its a nearby drive from gatlinburg). Anyway we had fun on the hike there and estee and cat were able to keep up with 3 guys who were rushing on ahead!

Notice that deliang actually fell while trying to take this shot

At the waterfall (base)

We climbed up to the TOP!!!

Trying out some cool Ninja-Jitsu

After that it was to the most visited and popular place in Smoky mountains, Caden's Cove. It is kind of a valley, it contains lots of wildlife and old buildings. But due to the fact that there was SOOOOO many people, it was like being stuck in a mega traffic jam! We did get to see a black bear, which was kind of like a mascot for Smoky Mountains. But to do that, we abandoned the car with deliang(driver) and caused a minor...ok medium traffic jam ourselves. Fortunately, there was a car in front of us and its occupants also left their car to take photos of wildlife, so deliang blamed them.

View from Caden's Cove

Grp Shot


The Black Bear!

Thanks to the traffic jam we got out pretty late, but on the upside we had a bucket of KFC for dinner!!! :p

Next Episode: On top of the world and Charokeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tennessee Day 2 - The King and I

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Woke up at 3am, drove 9 hours to Memphis... why...

Cos we just had to visit the KING!!! Yup, Memphis where Graceland, home of Elvis Presley is located.

Now the typical thing to do when arriving at a new place is to visit the visitor center to get maps, coupons etc... so of cos being seasoned travellers we headed to the Memphis Visitor center. It was still closed when we arrived there... now naturally we were puzzled... it was 9.30am on our watches.... center opens at 9am... why was it still closed?

The Closed Visitor Center

The Car

The Mississippi river

Moving on, we headed over to the Peabody hotel to watch the peabody ducks.... which was a real let down... 5 DUCKS in a fountain. And to think the description given made it sound like some huge flock of ducks parading around... Estee and her research ><
5 ducks.... I rather have Peking Duck

A parade display, the Memphis musical festival

It was then did we realise why everything seemed to be late.... we crossed over into central timezone! That means our watches had to be shifted 1 hour back. Anyway.... the highlight, GRACELAND! It was nice, exploring Elvis' house, paying respects at his grave, checking out all the exhibits.

Outside the house

The King and Us

Heartbreak Hotel

Elvis' Collection

The Bedroom

Elvis' fav Pink Cadillac

Me and Estee inside the Pink Cadillac

/salute to the king

There was 1 very very odd thing, it was very crowded... why... THERE WAS AMERICAN IDOL AUDITIONS! Yup, the auditions were held in Memphis, hence so many potential idols... and rejects were chilling out at Graceland... I mean how apt, americal idol hopefuls at the place of the original american idol, Elvis! We took the opportunity to take a few photos with some of the contestants. Maybe we picked a winner? hehe

Jessie, an american idol hopeful

On the way back we stopped by Nashville, Capital of Country Music to check out the night life and eat White Castle Burgers! YUM


White Castle!

Next Episode: Hiking Hiking Hiking

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