Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nexus 2007 - what you know is what you do not know yet you know that you do not know....

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Took a while before i got around to posting this due to 2 midterms and general procastination (I blame the reading of manga and playing games).

Nexus 2007 was this amazing technology conference that I attended last week with several of my NOC friends like Estee, Brian, Jeffery, Shamir and future NOC like Yeeling (sadly deliang was no show due to extreme rashes on his pimples :p). It was definitely a very fun experience, with cool ideas like live chat going on with the discussion panels, like update via flickr etc...etc. After all for a tech conference you gotta be web 2.0 right? heh

Well I guess this is my contribution to Nexus. I was able to capture a video of one of the more memorable and interesting person in attendence. Well it is not the best of videos since its rather grainy and the sound is not too good. After all I was like 12 rows away from the guy! Well nevertheless he definitely made an impression amongst those who attended Nexus 2007

I am definitely going to Nexus 2008!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Cows are blue in LATVIA

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Well at least that is what the ad in the london underground claims.... cows are blue, girls are hot.... yea I really really want to see blue cows!

After getting back to Singapore from Toronto (with that evil 12 hr london stopover), I got the news from Kai An, "dude we got into the finals of PeakTime"

So what is PeakTime, its this international biz competition that challenges teams to case studies and simulations. It is the largest held in eastern europe.

How did 3 singaporean and 1 vietnamese get into the finals..... i honestly have no clue... but i think the following poster has to be the reason why:


Finals Pics from QEC 2007 and london stop over

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I know this is kindda too late, but I guess its due to my bad habit of only blogging in chronological order only. Weird huh....

Well here are the final few pics from QEC 2007! Cheers

Team Nodens Health with the 1st runner up prize!

Going back was a nightmare for me as I had a 12 hr stopover in london... 12 hr! Fortunately I was allowed to go out and explore the city as the stopover was from 8am to 8pm.... lucky!

The palace... yea that is where the queen stays, funny how i was watching THAT movie on the plane as well.... ok its not funny, just some coincidence

The London Eye..... which Singapore is trying to outdo.... why can't they make the biggest baddest roller coster instead....

Next up: LATVIA

Saturday, March 10, 2007

QEC 2007 !!!

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Ok a quickie photo update on the competition proper. It was definitely a really cool experience, not just cos I get to present my Biz plan or something, its more about meeting cool people, people from different places. Very refreshing indeed, even presenting in a foreign country is unique.

Team Nodens Health with our Host, Spenser! Now that is 1 good looking fellow yar

Welcome to QEC 2007!

Hard at work preparing


Nodens Health in ACTION

Thursday, March 08, 2007

QEC 2007 - Pre competition, alone in Toronto

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As promised in my earlier post here are photos of my SOLO day in Toronto!

So now featuring Arzhou in Toronto!

Locations Visited:

CN Towers
St Lawrence Market
Eaton Center

Toronto is much like philly in someways.... especially the TRANSPORTATION system, they use TOKENS like Septa, good ole Septa, always late when I need it the most.

CN Tower

View From the Top

Me and a Kid

St Lawrence market (much like Reading terminal market in philly)

Inside the market


Eaton Center

St James power statio.... erm Cathedral

Sunday, March 04, 2007

QEC over!

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Ok, the competition is over, its time to return home. I have no idea how to carry that big plastic check, but i guess we could figure a way out.

It was definitely an amazing experience, the people I met were amazing. They had so much passion for what they were doing and it was an amazing cultural experience as well. I shall blog more about it when i get the chance to upload the pictures.

Signing off,

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