Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whao its Snowing AGAIN

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Right now I am in room 131 of econolodge near Toronto Airport. Yup I just arrived in Toronto not long ago. Its snowing and my body is getting used to the cold again *achoooooo* *sniff sniff*. After seeing the weather and the airport condition I decided it was in my best interest to just fork out some cash get a decent room nearby with shower, bath, FREE internet, FREE breakfast... the usual stuff I get when i was road tripping anyway.

Despite the fact my plane landed around 2+pm, the customs was a nightmare, just waiting in line...... then after successfully getting through... i get re directed to ANOTHER 2 hr wait line! Arghhhhh by the time i got out, it was already getting dark, so much for my grand plan of visiting the city. Well I will have to see if i can do anything tmr morning instead.

The stopover in Hethrow(London) was also a chore, 6 hours in probably the most overpriced airport I have been to. Oh well i got some CN2125 revision done in that 6 hours of wandering around, looking for cheap food(like there is any) and just trying to fight the initial jetlag.

Unfortunately no photos as I forgot to bring my cable to extract stuff from my camera.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


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About 24 more hrs before i fly off to Toronto and head down to Kingston to compete in that Queens Business Plan competition. Dunno to be excited or tired, I spent the whole of last week preparing for 3 midterms and multiple assignments. And after returning from Canada, I got 1 week of work to catch up, it might not seem a lot, BUT in chem eng it sure is a tough one.

Anyway friday I went out with SZ and Dennis for dinner at Clarke Quay, at this place called Fisherman's Wharf which seems to be lacking in FISH. Nothing too amazing there, especially for Ms Ang who just returned from Britain, home of Fish and Chips, after her 1 semester SEP.

We started wandering around Clarke Quay just to see how much things have changed, and we chanced upon this Bar called "Clinic". Already on the outside I could tell the theme of the place... no prize for guessing it, its really clinic/hospital like. Upon entering, you even realise it SMELLS like a clinic, I guess they really use lots of disinfectant, glad I entered are really really sanatized bar.

We decided to go with their most unique drink "Sex on the Drip", which is essentially a vodka/rum mixture and was served like you were getting an IV drip. (notice the pic below!). Dennis the ex-medic wanted to get a real IV with needles so he can inject me, I think the bartender was really shocked when he got a request for needles :p

Alright, time to start packing for Canada, I guess all i need is my passport and a credit card ^_^

SZ trying to feed me some "Sex on the Drip" Via the IV

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mid-term break

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Its suppose to be the midterm break right now(basically the equivalent of Spring Break~~FLORIDAAAAA and Fall break). But this being NUS.... WHAT MID TERM BREAK!!! I think I spend more time in NUS during this break then on a regular week, 9am - 6pm studying for my mid-term tests...... and clearing up assignments and lab reports.

Oh well that's life in chem eng, time to go back and study.

Only 2 more days to Canada and the Queens Biz Plan competition! yay time for a holiday! (In which I am bringing my notes with me)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Colts 29 - Bears 17 - Manning Finally wins the big one

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After 4 hours, we have a Superbowl champ, the Indy Colts have finally won after 30+ years. Manning can finally shut up critics that say he always chokes in big playoff games.

Overall it was a nice match, I was treated to a really nice opening with Devin Hester returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown. That guy will be the core of the Bears team for years to come. While the opening quarter was good, as the game wore on, it was obvious the Bear's offense was not clicking at all, and their mighty defense was getting worn out cos they were playing majority of the game. Can't blame the Bear's Defense though, they were playing their best out there. But their offensive team needs more work, comeon, the pocket kept collasping, Rex Grossman throws crucial interceptions and fumbles all night?!?!

Peyton Manning was his usual impressive self. I loved his first touchdown throw where he fired off a 52 yard touchdown just as he was being tackled! Now that was really impressive.

The Colts Defense impressed me alot as well, for a really weak defense in the regular season, they were forcing fumbles and picking off interceptions all night.

Now that this is all over, next thing to look forward to is Probowl! (the all star game)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Countdown

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1.5 hours more to go!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


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Its that TIME of the year!!!! Time where the strong clash and ads go for like 2-5Million every 30second block.


Although this year my beloved Philadelphia Eagles did not make it to the finals (they were NFC east champs AGAIN though) , this Superbowl should be very interesting.

Chicago Bears Vs Indy Colts

Top ranked Defense against Top Ranked Offense.

The Bears thrive on their powerful defense(lead by star linebacker, Brian Urlacher) to force turnovers and fumbles and also their special teams magician, Hester (6 return touchdowns!), is really a strong factor.

The Colts have always been about Peyton Manning, their star quaterback, and his strong recieving corps. Their defense is also not to be taken lightly, they just woke up their idea recently after a poor showing in regular season.

Superbowl is also a fantastic time for ads, with companies vying for the precious 30s timeslots to show their uber ads, which have never been seen before! Its time to be really excited!

For Weijia

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She insisted on me blogging about this and I think i am 1 wk overdue(or 2)...

Ok so we went to IMM which happened to undergo a huge change in the year I was gone. Unfortunately we only took photo of what we had for desert which was at Secret Recipes (another cake shop!!! I am really running into so much competition). Well their speciality was this banana chocolate cake which was really really good.


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