Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Day 11 - Time to be professional

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Murphy's law struck, I slept thru my alarm clock.... good thing it woke Pacey(my roomie) up. Hence he had to wake me up. As a result, I missed the 7am train, had to take 8 am train. What a way to make an impression, arrive 1 train late for work.

I think I really looked professional today on the train, sitting there with my laptop so early in the morning doing my essay, too bad I did not take pics.

Oh well, good thing my boss did not mind. But I did end up working till late (8pm). Spent most of my time rearranging the current chemical inventory which is like 800 + chemicals. Did a form a stock taking as well is labelling. Sound tough, but i did pick up addition chemistry knowledge from the resident researcher, Vlad, who was from Ukraine. His knowledge is quite amazing, I think my chemistry grade will improve working here. But then again like hell I will be taking anymore chemistry related modules. /lol

My Work Destination, after 1+hr train ride on the R5

Controlled Chemicals Inc, my second home ^^

My Work Desk

If you are wondering why they actually have this sign, its cos in America, even wheel chairs are supersized, the ones I see always have an engine and the more extreme ones look like a quad racer, with supersized wheels.

Anyway I am too tired to carry on posting, not to mention doing 1 essay for EAS 445 totally killed my braincells.


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